Order format

For any enquires or orders, shopafterwild@gmail.com
1. By sending in orders, you've agreed to wait for 2-3 weeks for the items to arrive (countdown from the date we send in orders stated at Home Page)
2. Self collection will be 
based on our convenience and it is usually done at Simei MRT stations.
$1.50 meetup fee will be charged if you're late for more than 5mins without prior notice.

3. All items (per category) must reach a min. of 5 cappings before sending! If i didn't reach 5 caps, you can add $2 per item for my supplier to send in.
4. If messages has been sent more than 3 times for meet up enquries, and there's no responses, items will be confiscated. // if items have not been collected within a month, please be considerate as there are other customers items too

Order format:
Contact number: 
Payment mode: Bank Transfer/ Cash Deposit

Item #1 
Product Name: 
Size/ Colour (if applicable) 
Repeat for Item #2 etc.

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