Wednesday, 11 September 2013

ASMAMA Bracelets

*ASMAMA is a famous brand in Korea and numerous idols wore accessories of this brand!
Product Name: B1A4 Baro Black Pearls Bracelet
Price: SGD10
Product Name: B1A4 Gongchan Skull Bracelet
Color Choice: Black/ White
Price: SGD10
Product Name: BEAST Kikwang Cuffs Bracelet
Size: 21cm/ 19.5cm
Price: SGD12
Product Name: BEAST Yoseob Black Bracelet (21cm)
Price: SGD12
Product Name: Infinite Dongwoo Black Pearls Bracelet (8mm)
Price: SGD12
Product Name: BEAST Kikwang White Bracelet
Price: SGD12
Product Name: SNSD Taeyeon Lock Bracelet
Size: 16cm/ 17cm
Price: SGD12
Product Name: Big Bang GD Skull Bracelet
Color Choice: Blue/ Black
Price: SGD12
Product Name: Infinite Sunggyu Egg Pendant Bracelet
Price: SGD12
Product Name: BEAST Yoseob Pearls Bracelet
Price: SGD15
Product Name: JYJ Jaejoong Silver Bracelet
Price: SGD17

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